Welcome to Beyond the Crepe Myrtles!

I’m Laura Ashley, the writer and imaginer crafting the content you’ve graciously stopped by to read. First off, thanks for coming by and joining me in exploring the vast world we are all a part of.

Growing up in Eastern North Carolina, I’ve delved into life between crepe myrtle and magnolia trees, beside fields covered in tobacco, and around the quaintness of small towns. Here, mom-and-pop restaurants flourish, manners are part of the course, adventures are plentiful, and at the heart of everything¬†are the people.

A journalist by trade, I always flourish in the discovering of the who, what, when, where, why and how. A traveler by choice, I’m grateful to have trotted the globe to experience the history and culture of this amazing Earth.

This blog dives into a little bit of everything or as we say down South, “it’s a mess of somethin’.”

Lifestyle, decorating, history, travel, facts, opinions, excerpts that couldn’t fit in the print pages and more – – you’ll find it all here.

I carry a pen and notepad everywhere I go. I have no qualms about asking questions and learning more. After all, inspiration is anywhere you choose to look.

I hope you’ll come along on the journey and experience life beyond the crepe myrtles.



Technical Points to Note:

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