Good Eats. Sweet Treats. Donuts.

Good eats. Sweet Treats. We all needs those daily as a little reward for ourselves. So today, grab yourself a donut and toast the doughy goodness.

Truth be told, I’ve was never a doughnut fan until a random stop in New Hampshire left me the opportunity to try a one-of-a-kind treat from Cider Bellies Doughnuts.

Important point to note: Every morsel of a Cider Bellies donut is scrumptious!

An adorable food truck at the Meredith Station in New Hampshire is where you can find this goodness and it’s so worth the visit.

Made fresh, not processed and a far cry from traditional doughnut shops. These are apple cider donuts and I had one of each fabulous flavor – cinnamon sugar, maple glazed (which has maple sugar drizzled on top), and plain. Hot, soft and fresh.

They are only available in New Hampshire locations which makes me completely jealous. We need these in every state. If you’re in New Hampshire, check out their Facebook page to pop in one of their stops and check out their new flavors – strawberry with toasted coconut, sweet potato and cappuccino.

Kudos Cider Bellies and thanks for the delicious donut!


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